Is the new hack for sarahah really the best way to expose people’s identities?

Important message for all Sarahah users! You’re not invisible, never forget that. Indeed, many articles put forward a new site that claims to be able to reveal informations about the anonymous messaging App’s users. This new site uses the following name: Sarahahrevers

Does Sarahahreverse. com can really expose the identities of people who send you messages on sarahah?

This may sound strange, but it’s reality. Yes, because the anonymity promised by this app pushes web developers to create tools capable of breaking this promise.

We must also talk about the harassment problems that Sarahah has caused in recent times. Many people this coward and feel protected behind this app. This is the idea that developers want to break in order to discourage people from being aggressive in their messages. You may wonder why so much energy is put into this application?

Let’s come back a few months earlier. This application was born in Saudi Arabia last spring. Sarahah is originally created for the adult and corporate world. Indeed, the idea was to be able to express themselves in front of their company or boss without having to lie. The name of the app means “honesty” in Arabic. In this way, employees could make constructive criticism of their companies without fear of dismissal. So the initial idea was very interesting.

How did this app become one of the most downloaded apps in the world?

This is due to a “snowball effect”. It also explains the willingness to develop Sarahah hack to expose people identity. Just need a few clicks to download and register on the Sarahah app. Once you sign up, you automatically get a link that you can share anywhere so people can send you messages. Please note that you do not need to register to send messages. This encourages people to leave messages to others.

Young people are at the origin of this huge explosion. Indeed, the first users started to share their links on social networks like Facebook, Instagam… At the same time, Snapchat, one of the world’s most popular apps made an update allowing to easily share links in their story. The first users of Sarahah have shared their links, which led others to do the same thing, and the machine is running!

How to hack sarahah

How does this site work?

Using this Hack is child’s playful. You can retrieve the information you are interested in within minutes by following this procedure:

1) Log in directly to the Sarahahreverse website by entering your Sarahah username

2) You must then choose the information you want to reveal with this tool (Email, Facebook, Instagram…)

3) You must then click on the button to finalize the process

And now you’re ready to expose the identity of the individuals who are sending you not very friendly messages… You know everything you need to know about this new hack!

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